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Welcome to my site.  I am a Composer and Lyricist with a background in classical music, jazz, and rock and roll.  I have undergone extensive training and use my skills and love for various genres of music, to attempt to capture life at its best and brightest and its darkest.  I compose primarily for the Musical Theatre but do write Fugues, Cantata's, and Trio's occasionally.  Please feel free to contact me with requests or ideas for songs that you would love to sing or see sung.  I thrive on character driven situations and life itself. 

Thanks for visiting.

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Jazz / Vocal
What Is Love
Film / TV / Show / Musical
Classical / Responsory
The Tennis Court Oath Scene
Bring Me The Sunset in a Cup
Classical / Song
Quam Suavis
Classical / Aria
Old Ironsides
Classical / Vocal music
Painted Pain and Memory
Jazz / Vocal
Classical / Fugue
Watching the Weather with You
Jazz / Vocal
03 May 2014, News
New Sheet Music
Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out the site.  I just finished uploading several more songs and a bonus Fugue that for a limited time is available for download, free to celebrate! After living in New York for an extended period of time, ...
08 June 2012, News
Songs I've Heard/Songs I've Written Videos are up!
The Other Side of Eighteen Lex and Skye Vent IV: December Pansy ...
04 June 2012, News
Upcoming projects
I am currently in artistic limbo due to the fact that I have so many projects I want to complete.  I have literally 7 different ideas for new shows and a huge list of incomplete material.  This situation is not unique for me, however I am ...